A toll on Tomfoolery?: When April Fool’s goes wrong

Everybody loves a good prank or two.

And even more-so on April Fool’s Day?

But what exactly is being done to prevent over the top pranks, or at least to discourage people from partaking in them?

These practical jokes can be carried out online via Tweets and Facebook posts, offline such as in newspaper headlines, or when taken to the next level, filmed and put on Youtube.

So here are my top 4 most over the top, taken too far, absolutely off the wall April Fool’s pranks (what a mouthful!):

#1: The old tamper with your food trick


A slightly funny one, unless you’re the one about to eat it…not a good idea at all!

#2: The mess with your ex text


A proper hoot for the prankster ex, but a possible emotional trauma for the receiver. Definite no go!

#3: The prank your parents gag (secret cam edition)

A serious laugh, even I have to admit, but a bit of a nightmare for the unexpecting parents. Don’t give your mum a heart attack!

#4: The T.T.F.N.S.F (Taken too far, not so funny – it’s so bad it has a special acronym).

I can’t quite understand why pretending to commit a serious crime is humorous, but each to their own. Moral of this particular prank: just don’t do it!

That’s all for today folks! Be mindful of your pranks and don’t take them too far. There’s a fine line between funny and fatal.


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